Women and Saree - An Elegant Bonding

Naarithva, a pioneering brand in Indian artisanal heritage, joyfully celebrates its continued growth and resilience. With great pride, the brand marks yet another significant milestone by introducing Dhawanee by Naarithva (Salwars, Suits, Gowns & Dresses). Founders Naresh, a Badminton Coach, and Smitha, a corporate professional, embarked on a remarkable journey in 2019 when they decided to leave their well-paying jobs and establish Naarithva. Today, they reflect on their incredible growth and express deep gratitude for the unwavering support received from clients around the world.

Naarithva’s founders shared a profound vision—to bridge the gap between artisans and global audiences, revealing the beauty of India’s rich heritage. Starting with a modest room, their determination and passion propelled them forward. From curating exquisite collections to conducting captivating photoshoots, they poured countless sleepless nights into fulfilling clients’ orders, often on their bright and sunny balconies.

Now, Naarithva boasts an exceptional team that plays a vital role in bringing the brand’s vision to life. Together, they have created an environment of collaboration, creativity and excellence, ensuring that every client experiences the essence of Indian artistry.

For Smitha, capturing the allure of everyday life through a vintage lens has been a lifelong passion. Sarees, in particular, allow her to translate that passion into reality. From attending weddings to sharing tea moments with friends, sarees have become a cherished symbol of versatility and love.

Naresh, on the other hand, infuses the brand with boundless energy and an entrepreneurial mindset. His unwavering belief in “let’s go for it!” has propelled Naarithva to new heights. Through their collaboration, Naresh and Smitha have united two distinct passions, creating a shared vision that continues to inspire.

However, the most significant reward for Naarithva has been its clients. With heartfelt appreciation, Naarithva thanks its valued clientele for their unwavering support throughout the journey. Through this journey, Naarithva has not only built a loyal client base but also formed deep connections and lasting friendships. From weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to cherished family moments, Naarithva has been present for its clients’ most precious occasions, united by a shared love for sarees.

Smitha and Naresh express profound gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through Naarithva. Their commitment to preserving Indian heritage and celebrating artisanal craftsmanship has made the challenges of running a business worthwhile. The genuine connection they have established with their clients has been the driving force behind Naarithva’s success.

As Naarithva’s journey continues, Smitha and Naresh extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has embraced Naarithva and made it an integral part of their lives. The brand remains committed to continuing its journey, showcasing the rich tapestry of Indian culture, and forging stronger connections with clients worldwide. For regular updates about new products visit our instagram page


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